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Website development has many features and requires a lot of time, effort, attention, and endurance. Maybe you need the analysis of the existing website with the following recommendations on improvements and writing the terms of reference for contractors. Or perhaps you need a complete web development process, including the development of the structure of a new website, its layout, and programming. In any case, the result is provided by the meticulous work of business analysts, designers, developers, and testers.

How are websites developed?

1. Setting up analytics and analytics goals.

Knowing how to set up analytics will help your resource create the target audience profile. Namely:


· Your website visitors, who are they?

· What content from your business they want to see

· How they behave when visiting your website


2. Determining the purpose.

The purpose of website development should be very clear. Whether you want to promote your services, sell products online, or simply provide information about your business on the Internet, this is very important for a web development company. Final goals are indispensable.


The vision behind the website and what goals, according to the client, he will be able to achieve are crucial.


3. Launching and managing advertising campaigns

Launching an advertising campaign is a complex process, and its manager is the person who gets the job done. He knows what recommendations about other communication channels mean, how to set up advertising campaigns on Google and Facebook, and why the development of tone-of-voice in communication is important.


A campaign manager often communicates with both sales and marketing departments to make sure everything goes according to plan.


4. Development of the strategy and promotion plan

Your website is the main source of information, so a smart strategy is important to show it to as many potential buyers as possible. If you don’t develop a promotion plan, you can’t sell your product. This is the best marketing move you can use to build a new business.


5. Setting up advertising in Google Merchant Center

This type of Google advertising is designed to help your business. This is a special advertising program from Google that you can use to promote what you do or sell. You can promote almost anything if it complies with Google’s policies. The only thing you need for this is the correct setting up, which is performed by our team.


6. Analysis of user behavior.

Our team will analyze the behavior of users on your website, and as a result, you will:


· Get a true picture of what people are interested in, what they want or ignore.

· Identify the customer journey touchpoints, where the customers get stuck, struggle, get confused, and leave the website.

· Learn to what extent specific pages and sections are effective.

· Understand what your customers want and care about


7. Project planning

The next stage is project planning. Before writing the first line of code, the tasks and resources management involved in the website development are determined.


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