Design of eCommerce platforms

UI/UX web design is a set of solutions based on the behavior of users of a virtual platform. In order to create a user-friendly, harmonious interface, every detail of the platform has to be carefully designed. It is important to delegate the implementation of this process to an experienced specialist who will not make mistakes negatively affecting the further promotion of the company.


Creating a user-friendly website means taking care of the user. It takes into account all the needs of the consumer and the specifics of the target audience, which allows not to lose regular customers and constantly attract new ones.


To create a high-quality virtual platform, it is necessary to understand the basic principles of user interaction with the website, the purpose of his searches, and the ability to give him what he is looking for.

Errors in the development of eCommerce platform


The specialists of our company have made a list of the main errors which lead to decreasing the number of users of the service and sales. They include:


1. Off-putting website design. It only takes a few seconds to form a first impression. Professional UI design implies the right color scheme, convenient location of navigation elements and information blocks. If all the elements on the website are arranged in a chaotic order, some animations constantly appear on the screen, the published images are of poor quality, the user will quickly close such a tab and move on.


2. Not a mobile-friendly website will force the owner of the smartphone to also close such a tab and go to the website, whose interface will be adapted for users making purchases from a mobile device.


3. Difficult navigation is another reason to avoid visiting the website. All the necessary information should be available to the user after a few clicks on the navigation bar.


4. Lack of information about the payment methods, delivery, and return policy. Every customer of the online store coming to make a purchase wants to receive this information.


5. Lack of a readable product description. It is recommended to use headers, lists, and various graphical elements, which will help a potential buyer to find the information he needs and to make a choice as quickly as possible.


The specialists of our team have an extensive portfolio of effective websites. Our specialists will help the customer to understand how exactly the website of the company, whose owner seeks to increase the number of customers and profit, should look.


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