Brand identity

Each company strives to stand out in the market using such an effective tool as identity.


Identity comprises elements used to create an image of the company in the consumer’s mind. It makes the brand more recognizable and gives customers only positive impressions of the products or services offered by the company.


Identity consists of the logo, business card, letterheads, and other elements determining the corporate image.


Identity guidelines
Before identity begins to bring a visible result, it is necessary to get acquainted with the rules of working with this marketing tool:


1. The font. As a rule, there are four groups of popular fonts, including:


· Serif font. The letters in this font have serifs. This font is mostly used when creating classic documents that convey a sense of strictness and reliability.


· Sans-serif font. It is used for writing texts in a modern style.


· Script font. It is often used when writing the name of a product or service offered to the female part of the audience.


· Display font. This font is increasingly used in the development of the company logo or the creation of a commercial sign.


2. The color scheme is the core element of the brand identity. It triggers certain associations in the consumer and forms a particular opinion in the mind of the customer regarding the chosen brand:


· Red color conveys emotionality and passion. It is used in the development of a bold and youth brand.


· Orange color has a shade of playfulness and friendliness. It is used quite rarely and therefore will allow you to stand out among competitors.


· Yellow color is the color of happiness and joy, and as a rule, it is used when creating a versatile brand.


· Green color is a universal color that is most often used by landscaping companies.


· The blue shade gives the company a vibe of reliability and stability and builds consumer confidence.


· Purple color is the color of luxury and sophistication, corresponding to premium brands.


3. A logo. The impression of the image on the consumer depends on the selected geometric figure.

The identity of a particular company consists of several elements:


1. A simple and discreet logo with a limited number of shades.


2. A simple and informative business card with an eye-catching design.


3. A letterhead is another important element of the promotion of a company.


4. A packaging that increases the customer’s positive impression of the company’s management and the brand as a whole.


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