Digital strategy

Digital strategy is the process of setting company goals and planning how to accomplish them using IT technologies.


It includes:
● competitor analysis;


● target audience analysis;


● identifying the company’s competitive advantages;


● selecting promotion channels.


The main task of the digital strategy is to contact potential customers and attract attention to the brand.
Figures and facts are the core of any digital strategy and the only means to assess its efficiency.

Analyzing the effectiveness of the promotion strategy
We use Google Analytics and systems for end-to-end analytics to conduct the analysis. Figures, diagrams, calls, requests, and page clicks may tell us a lot.
We monitor traffic sources and work with the most productive ones, namely what requests open pages most frequently, what pages visitors mostly move to, and which creative decisions work. At this stage, we can see if the target audience was selected correctly, if the offer is unique, and then continue working on the strategy.


Monitoring the market for similar services
The study of competitors is one of the utmost components of marketing. Before creating a strategy, we analyze the target audience, social networks, and web pages of the specialized companies. Afterwards, we identify the strengths and weaknesses of other businesses in your sphere and your competitors’ promotional methods. The results of this research give us insight into the competitive advantages of your company over competitors. We start developing a successful strategy using this information.


Analyzing unique selling points
If there are about a hundred similar companies on the market, it is difficult for a customer to choose one. Most frequently, factors of choice are price and reputation. The reputation is the main asset of the Superheroes team, and we will do our best to satisfy the customer. We strive not only to accomplish the customer’s task but to create a space for future cooperation and recommendations.


We discover unique facets of your business and tell about them on the Internet. Being interested, potential customers come to you. This approach allows the team to solve two basic strategic tasks, retaining the customer and making him return.


Setting tasks and objectives within the marketing strategy
After the approval of the strategy, we set objectives and split them into tasks to start achieving the desired outcome. The most frequent objectives are large traffic flow to the website, dozens of requests every day, or just awareness among Internet users. We pursue the objectives, check the efficiency of the chosen strategy, change the course or stick to it. As a result, you get customers


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