Graphic design

Graphic design is a great possibility to solve the problem of expressing an idea through an image, typography, shape, or colour. Each method has its dedicated type of graphic design with a certain extent of uniqueness and speciality. 


Despite any possible crossings, each type of design requires mastery of design skills and methods. 

Types of the graphic design


Each speciality requires a specific type of graphic design with its peculiarities and characteristics:


1. Advertising and marketing. A company depends on a successful marketing campaign focused on the target market. Thanks to a good marketing campaign, you may attract people, considering their needs, wishes, and satisfaction with the purchased product. Visual content is the most attractive to a customer, and graphic design is helpful for its promotion. Graphic design for advertising includes newspaper and journal ads, leaflets, banners, brochures, presentations, banners, and website images.


2. Visual identity. A brand is a relationship between a business project and its target audience, while a company style is a way to declare the company identity, experience, and emotions. The graphic design of the identity includes visual elements of a brand, constituting its personality, which reflects its immaterial quality through changes in shape, colour, and image. 


3. Publication is a contact with the audience by a public distribution of the information. Until recently, it took place through printed media, while now the popularity of digital publication is increasing. 


4. User interface is a touchpoint between a user and an application. The user interface includes the following: 

· a screen

· a keyboard 

· a mouse 

· a menu 

· buttons and icons 


The main task of a user interface designer is to make the virtual service aesthetically attractive for the user. 


5. Package protects a product from external influences and ensures its preservation, distribution, and sale. Besides, it is a method of communication with a consumer. A package is an important marketing tool for a company to tell the story of its brand. 


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