Search Engine Marketing (SEO)

SEO optimization is one of the most profitable ways to attract visitors among online marketing tools. For a better understanding of this multifaceted term, let’s break down Search Engine Marketing into subsections:


· building a semantic core. Selecting a minimum number of words and phrases characterizing the product or service. The position of the website in the search results depends directly on the properly chosen semantics;


· choosing a control group of queries. Compiling a list of the most common theme queries (for example, “buying a laptop in Kyiv’) and using them to optimize the website;

· grouping queries by page. As a result, the web pages, which are promoted, will include information based not only on the main query but also on the queries related to the main one;


· checking for keywords on web pages. It is carried out with the help of specially designed algorithms. The main goal is to identify the meaningfulness of the information which the user will see when clicking the link;


· a detailed technical audit of the website;


· creating a content plan. It will provide information regarding where, when, and what texts will be posted on the website;


· backlink analysis. It implies checking permanent and temporary links and analyzing websites containing links to the company’s website;


· purchasing links – building an anchor list. It is performed based on the results of the backlink analysis in case there are not enough natural links for effective promotion;


· interlinking for main queries. Creating multiple links leading to the required page;


· a single URL format;


· robots.txt testing. This file is a guide for search engines on the website. Search engines are the source of the cheapest target visitors;


· sitemap.xml testing;


· broken links testing on the website;


· checking the layout and correct work of the 404 error page;


· page titles. All website pages;


· page description. All website pages;


· H1 page titles. All website pages;


· checking the text for plagiarism (testing). All website pages;


· SEO-friendly URL. All website pages (testing);


· outbound links analysis;


· Search Console testing.


Based on the results of SEO optimization, all progress reports, including the initial and current rankings of the website, will be delivered to you in written form in any convenient way.


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