Development and design of advertising structures

Currently, advertising structures are very popular, because they give the opportunity to conduct an effective advertising campaign for a particular product or service.


The design of any advertising structure is carried out strictly taking into account the characteristic features of a particular product. The main advertising media in the modern market are:
• Console.
• Signage.
• Billboard.
• City board.
• Rotating board.
• Roof installation.

Each of the above media has certain features that affect the process of their design.


As advertising constructions are placed outside, they must be adapted to the effects of natural factors such as snow, wind, or rain.


Stages of creation
The process of developing an advertising medium involves the implementation of several stages:
1. Examination of the site where it is planned to install an advertising structure. Depending on the media type, certain buildings are checked. In case the advertising construction is installed on the roof, an examination of the roof is carried out. If the structure is located far from the building, it is necessary to check the geology of the place.
2. Drawing and design documentation. Registration is carried out based on an expert’s opinion. The calculation of the possible load on the structure under the influence of wind or other natural factors is carried out.
3. Expert examination of project documentation. All calculations are carefully checked. It is also necessary to coordinate the documentation with the relevant authorities.


Another important stage of working on an advertising structure is its visual design. The type of the advertised product, the principles of work of the company, and its corporate identity influence the process of graphic design development, the choice of the font and color scheme.


The specialists of our team offer the service of developing an advertising medium. Thanks to the existing work experience, the products will be ready within the agreed time and in accordance with the objectives.


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