UI-UX for application design

UI is the visual component of the virtual service, and UX is its logic. Even the most expensive design will not increase sales if the user is uncomfortable using the mobile application or the web version of the platform. It is quite difficult to make a purchase if it is not clear how to do it.


The process of developing UI/UX design should be based on the analysis of user behavior on other services.


Professional UX design is a great opportunity to encourage the user to do the right action, namely make a purchase, a call, or place an order.


An interface is designed to make the application understandable and convenient. When working with it, a potential client will be able to intuitively find answers to his questions.


UI is an external component of the service responsible for properly positioned icons, optimal font, and a comfortable color palette. It is a visually appealing interface that will not allow the user to close the application and refuse to use it in the future.


UI/UX design stages


Creating an application design is a process consisting of several stages:


1. Research and analysis of the target audience of the company. It involves creating a user portrait of the application, compiling a list of detected problems, and making a plan for addressing them.
The format of the service, its tasks, and the design strategy are also determined.


2. Creation of information architecture and content strategy. To implement each of the ideas, an action plan is drawn up.


3. UX development. At this stage, the interface of the future application is created.


4. Visual content development (graphics, size, fonts, colors).
Advantages of UI/UX design

Professional work on the visual content of the application is a process offering a number of advantages. And the client will be able to see them within the first minutes of using the application.


1. Increase in website traffic.


2. Increase in sales and profits.


3. Creating a company image that will be attractive to customers.


4. User satisfaction from working with this product.


UI/UX design package includes:
· Creation of a design concept.
· Development of an interactive prototype.
· WireFrames.
· ScreenFlow.


Our team of experienced specialists will easily solve problems of different levels of complexity. The ready-made UI/UX design of the application, necessary for the company development and sales increase, will be presented to the client within the agreed time.


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