Advertisement and image layouts preparation

Image advertising layout is the way to provide a potential buyer with information about the offered product or service through text and image, similar to a regular advertisement. The only difference is that the main task of a layout is to promote the manufacturer by highlighting the brand’s advantages. 


This kind of advertisement creates the user’s positive attitude to the company as a whole, not just its specific product. Perspective is the main focus of this type of advertising. 


Image advertising is required when attracting not only new customers but also potential business partners. This should be considered while developing a layout. 


As a rule, such projects are intended for publication in printed media, and the development of the layout considers the special aspects of page makeup and the media outlet’s concept. 


Stages of the image advertising layout development 


Working over image advertising layout includes several stages, leading to the creation of a high-quality and successful advertising product:

1. Collecting information. It is the most important stage of the work, necessary to get details about both the product and its manufacturer.


2. Draft development. It enables the customer to choose the best option from several concepts, which is the most consistent with the objectives.


3. Working on the chosen project. The draft is edited considering any customer’s comments and corrections.


4. The customer’s approval of the layout. The work will be finished only after meeting the customer’s requirements.

Professional image advertising layout development includes different services. Sometimes a customer might have a ready concept, images, photos, and texts. In such a case, a designer shall place all elements correctly, choose fonts and shades to reflect the idea of the layout. 

In other cases, the customer might have no concept. For such a customer, the expert will collect appropriate images, texts, and other layout components and prepare several options. 


Our team will develop an image advertising layout, considering all advantages and specificity of the brand or the company as a whole. 


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