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For the user not only to open the company website but also to use the offered services, developers need to ensure the successful functioning of the website. However, it is the website design that is responsible for the first impression of the user and his decision either to stay on the website or to close the tab. The right design of the website guarantees high traffic, prestige, and consumer confidence.


Peculiarities of website design


Any web resource should have an original style and design, which will help the user to easily navigate the website, and to understand whether he got to the entertainment portal or the website of the company selling a particular product. The design of the company website has to reflect the area of business and the official style.


A well-designed menu is an important component of the website functionality, enabling the user to navigate the portal. As a rule, the menu of a small format website contains only the main sections. If we are talking about the development of an online store a more complex menu is required.


Website developers offer several main types of menus:


1. An overflow menu.


2. A tree menu.


3. An animated menu.


4. A drop-down menu.


5. A menu matching the design of the website.

The design will create a pleasant atmosphere on the website, which will contribute to choosing and purchasing products. For headings, it is recommended to use a color different from the main color scheme of the website.


In addition, it is convenient when important information is emphasized because it immediately attracts attention and eliminates long searches.


An attractive website is a website whose color scheme is the same throughout all pages, thus creating a sense of cohesion and consistency.


It should be remembered that all the text must be written with the help of the standard fonts because if the user does not have exotic, non-standard fonts installed, the text will simply not be visible.


It is recommended to delegate the process of website design to professionals with extensive experience. The designers of our company will cope with tasks of different levels of complexity in a short time and will pleasantly surprise the client with the quality of their work.


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