Influencer marketing

We develop and implement marketing strategies for clients on a global scale. Based on the goals of your brand, we form the optimal strategy that suits you. This includes connecting you with top social media influencers, bloggers, and content creators to help you reach your target audience.


Our team handles all elements of a marketing strategy, from developing creative concepts to campaign implementation, measurement, and reporting of results. We make sure everything is done properly.


What is Influencer marketing


First, setting goals and objectives. Defining your goals early in the planning stages will help build a consistent strategy throughout your marketing campaign, as well as give you an idea of ​​the metrics you need to track and monitor to measure your success.


Secondly, the development of a placement plan. You have probably heard about “product placement” – hidden advertising of a particular product in games, cartoons, and films. Product placement is becoming an increasingly important way for brands to reach their target audience in a discreet way. Companies use product placement to increase their sales, brand awareness, and customer acquisition without involving traditional advertising. This placement of branded goods or services is often found in the entertainment industry, namely in films or on television.


Thirdly, the development of tone of voice in communication. Tone of voice is not what you say but how you say it. This includes not only the words you choose, but also their order, rhythm, and tempo. A company’s tone of voice determines its entire writing component, including the website, social media posts, emails, and packaging. Tone-of-voice embodies and expresses a brand personality and a set of values. It is about the people who make up the brand – what drives them, their loves and hates, and what they want to share with the world.

And, finally, control over the fulfillment of tasks. When you complete a marketing strategy campaign, you have already won if the brand is mentioned on social media. But simply attracting an influencer to promote your content or exchange messages is not enough.


True success is determined by whether you achieve your marketing goals. To know if you have achieved your goals, you need to monitor the implementation of tasks. The company uses metrics to measure your success based on the initial marketing goals you set for the campaign.


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