Preparation of source files for printing

Preparation of source files for printing is an important stage that begins immediately after the layout is approved by the customer.


The main task of prepress is to link the layout to the technical requirements of printing, corresponding to the selected material, as well as the required circulation. Often the customer puts forward certain requirements, which must also be taken into account in the work.
Before the layout goes to print, the specialist must make sure that there are no errors and unintentional changes that will entail material losses.

Stages of prepress preparation
Prepress preparation of the source file is a procedure that consists of several stages:


1. Determination of the size of the finished product, in accordance with which the dimensions of the bleed area are determined. The dimensions of the bleed area depend on the specific product. This information is necessary in order to prevent inaccurate cutting when a white stripe stays along the edge of the product.


2. Selecting the type of layout of the product, the print run in case several different products are printed at once.


3. The location of such technological elements as a scale, labels, and markers.


4. Preparing the layout for printing.


5. The layout, ready for printing, is laid out on paper, after which markers for cropping and scales are put down, taking into account the circulation.
The prepared file is sent for printing.


It should be noted that prepress preparation has certain features in each specific case, which must be taken into account in order to fully comply with the layout of the finished product developed by the specialist.
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