Design of a company logo

The logo is an important factor that affects the recognition of the company. This is the main element of forming the own style of the organization, and its creation will require creativity and imagination.


The logo design procedure allows you to solve the following tasks:


· A recognizable element among competitors in the specific market segment.
· Improving the efficiency of the carried out advertising campaigns.
· Recognition of the company and the products or services it offers to the consumer.
· Supporting the company’s image.
· A bright element of the corporate style.

Characteristics of the right company logo

Having your own logo in a business project is an advantage in the development or rebranding of the company. Due to the fact that brand communication will be visualized, the customer can easily recognize the brand, and this is an important component in the development of the organization.


The company logo can be presented in one of the available variations:


· Symbols.
· Letters.
· Figures.
· Text.


The options listed above can often be combined.

Rules for working on the logo

The stylish company logo is a component of successful business project implementation. Our company offers to use the logo design service, which will fully meet the preferences of the customer and the tasks set during the development of marketing strategy. Experienced specialists follow a number of rules and recommendations when working on the logo:


1. Simplicity and clarity of perception. This is exactly what the shape of the icon should be. The image should not be loaded with unnecessary details and elements, represented by numerous thin lines and small fragments.
2. Relevance. The logo is a personification of the company’s activities, therefore, only what corresponds to the project should be depicted.
3. Recognition. It is possible to maximize this indicator only if, looking at the logo, the consumer understands what it is about.
4. Durability. The development process uses images that will not go out of fashion in a few months.
5. Harmony. It is recommended to use only three shades that combine with each other. In addition, we must not forget about the corporate style of the organization.
6. The idea that the company logo should convey.


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