3D modeling/visualization

3D modeling and visualization of goods is the tool that is most often used by virtual platforms. By creating a 3D model, the website owner can publish a realistic model of the proposed product, which will highlight the advantages of the product and consider even small details.


Advertising is another area where 3D visualization is used. It can be seen on billboards, city lights, and on the pages of printed publications.
Another case when you can not do without 3D modeling is the presentation of the product.


In our company, you can order 3D modeling of the product. Experienced specialists use only modern equipment and innovative technologies in their work.

Benefits of 3D modeling
Visualization of a particular product is a great way to attract the attention of the consumer, and it has several advantages:


• The item looks better than in the photo.


• The user can view the product from all sides, which will give a clearer picture of the product.


• The item rotates 360 degrees.


Stages of creating a 3D model
The procedure for creating a 3D model involves performing certain actions:


1. Creating an idea and transferring it to sketches. A sketch of a 3D model is a rough plan showing what the final product will look like. It is a sequence of actions to be implemented so as to obtain the desired result.


2. Modeling. This stage involves the use of specialized software


3. Texturing. The specialist chooses materials and colors for the model.


4. Rigging. It is a computer animation, which depicts the selected object in two versions, general and detailed, to create animation.


5. Animation. The main goal of this stage is to achieve the realism of the created model.
In our company, you can order the development of a 3D model of a particular product, a company logo, and other branding elements.

The specialists will cope with the task in a short time due to:
• Great work experience.
• Professional computer equipment and software.
• Innovative techniques and methods.


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