Analyzing the effectiveness of the promotion strategy

Even a perfect brand promotion strategy requires a regular analysis to improve performance and identify weaknesses or outdated marketing techniques. We can help you to conduct a high-quality analysis and develop a new promotion strategy (or increase the effectiveness of the existing one) for a product or service.


The work begins by identifying and analyzing the unique selling points specific exclusively to the brand presented.


Next, a market analysis is carried out. The strengths and weaknesses of the largest market participants offering goods and services with the same or similar characteristics are discovered. Based on the results of monitoring the market of similar services, a strategy for entering this market is developed.


Teamwork as part of a marketing strategy requires not only the maximum return but also a strong commitment to a certain goal by each team member. By priority, the goals are divided into primary, secondary, and main ones. To gradually achieve all goals, each team member is assigned a personal task that determines the course of his actions, the area of work, and the applied resources. The personal and collective responsibility for the implementation of each stage of the strategic plan is determined.

Analyzing user behavior on the website

The behavior of the potential consumer audience is studied, in particular, the behavior of users on the website of the brand. Each user is individual, but all together they create a completely understandable picture, indicating the advantages and disadvantages of the electronic platform.

Based on the behavior of users, you can understand what the audience is interested in, which pages people spend more time on, which pages lead to making an order, and after visiting which pages they leave the website.


The final stage of the analysis is the preparation of recommendations on the refinement and improvement of the brand promotion strategy. The work of our team is aimed at achieving results, so recommendations are given after the in-depth analysis and taking into account the extensive experience of our specialists.


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