Creating branding mockups

A mockup is the opportunity to provide a client with a style design transferred to a real object. As a rule, this is a PSD file with layers, which are used by a designer to superimpose certain elements on the picture of the object.


The purpose of the mockup

As you know, the image is inseparable from the object where it is applied. It is rather difficult to estimate what the design of the packaging will look like in the layout; however, when looking at the mockup, everything becomes clear.

Principles of work with mockups

Currently, designers are offered a large number of resources where they can create a mockup needed to develop the company’s brand.


The mockup file consists of many layers:


• Background.


• Object.


• Image insertion layer.


• Effects.

The designers of our company use Photoshop, which allows inserting images not only in JPEG format but also in PSD or AI formats. In addition, any changes are immediately displayed on the layout.
You can also overlay pictures with a different design on the finished mockup, changing the color scheme and background.

Specialists of our team offer the service of creating a branding mockup. This service will help the customer to fully evaluate the effectiveness of the chosen logo or trademark, as well as to evaluate the printing on the packaging or billboard in real time.


Our team consists of professional designers with extensive experience, possessing innovative technologies and modern software necessary to achieve the desired result.


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