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Content marketing is understood as a marketing communications strategy, the main tool of which is content. Content here is understood broadly, from texts, blog articles and videos to infographics and animations. There are dozens of formats, but the main thing is their value and usefulness to the recipient and the fact that they are consistent with company business or communication goals. Content marketing starts with a strategy – defining goals, analyzing the initial situation and actions of a competitor, personality, determining KPI, and developing tactics and channels for distributing content.


Setting tasks and objectives as part of a marketing strategy
There are two groups of marketing strategy goals: macro-strategic ones (usually one or two goals) and micro-tactical ones.


What are the micro-goals that will lead us to the realization of the macro-goal? There are many possibilities here:


1. increasing the number of new visitors;


2. increasing the number of page views;


3. increasing the number of returning users (those who are best converted into sales);


4. increasing the number of subscriptions to the newsletter;


5. achieving a certain level of involvement and others.


What can be the main task of content marketing activity? This can be, for example, the creation of a certain number of potential clients (for example, completed contact forms).

If you want to attract new customers and maintain the loyalty of existing customers, let us prepare a media plan for your brand.

Media enables a brand to connect with customers in a completely new and dynamic way.

Creating a media plan is carried out taking into account the needs and financial capabilities of the company.

Developing creative campaigns and content for each channel

It is understood as a comprehensive development of the concept of an advertising campaign in accordance with the agreed budget.

Implementation stages:
• Interview with a client
• Data analysis
• Campaign concept proposal
• The number of hours required to develop a concept may vary depending on the project/budget.


Marketing activities are aimed at communicating with potential customers and disseminating information about services, as well as providing the services through various communication channels. Such communication channels are divided into traditional and modern ones. The traditional communication channels include all kinds of service establishments, clinics, travel agencies, offices, or banking institutions where the client comes in person to use the service or receive information. Sales by phone or using new technologies, especially through the Internet, are among the most popular examples of the modern communication channels.
In order to be able to identify effective lead sources, a marketing campaign is designed in such a way that its key point is conversion. The definition of effective lead sources is based on conversion analysis.


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