Social Media Marketing

Experience has shown that social networks are efficient platforms to sell products or services. The business perceives social networks as another communication channel, and the art of effective brand promotion in this channel is called SMM (social media marketing).


Communication in social networks follows specific principles and differs from an official one. The strategy of addressing the audience to offer services relies mostly not on brand characteristics but on the way of perceiving the offer. The concept of interaction with consumers through images is called a creative campaign.


Setting up advertising campaigns requires answering the following questions:
· what to tell the consumers;
· how to tell;
· why so and not otherwise;
· the budget of the advertising campaign;
· the immediate objective, covering the advertising costs;
· the next objective;
· development options.


In addition to the main channels used to provide a potential consumer with the information, a successful promotion implies permanent analysis and development of the brand through other communication channels.
Each channel has its peculiarities. Somewhere information is more available as banners and photos, while in other places it is more available in the form of files or printed materials, etc.

Development of positioning strategy in communication channels


Each channel requires its specific positioning strategy beneficial for promoting the brand exclusively in this channel. If the brand promotion takes place using several channels simultaneously, a tone-of-voice principle is applied to increase the recognition. This principle implies a unified format of presenting information about the product (style, presentation to the audience, and framework of communication with customers).


Each advertising campaign has a budget. A media plan defines the size of the advertising budget and the customer outreach. The media plan is the core item of the SMM strategy, and it helps to identify the main areas of attracting the traffic to the channel and develop customized promotional content for each channel.


At the onset of digital marketing, customers used to pay for illusionary achievements in advertising, such as hundreds of clicks, thousands of clickthroughs, and tens of thousands of views. Today, the business prefers to pay only for leads because they are real requests from potential buyers.


Determining efficient lead sources is the key to the success of any promotion campaign. The Superheroes team has extensive experience in launching and managing advertising campaigns. We will identify the main focus areas and set up advertising campaigns on Facebook and other social media.


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