eCommerce platforms development

Creating eCommerce platforms covers all activities focused on the creation, maintenance, and development of an online shop. Our team offers you everything necessary for the success of your eCommerce platform in a single place:


analysis of the existing website;


development of the structure and logic of a new platform ;


writing the terms of reference for contractors;


website development and programming;


integration with analytical and CRM systems;


project advertising and promotion, including setting up Google and Facebook advertising campaigns.

Development of eCommerce platforms includes:
Our team of web developers thoroughly analyzes customer’s demands and ensures the best quality parameters to develop an interactive website from scratch. We will optimize your corporate website according to your view of the industry, mission, and audience demographics.
Development of eCommerce platforms includes, but is not limited to:
Wireframing. It is the description of a page functionality and navigation structure using simplified schematic wireframes of your future website’s interface.
Usability testing. Checking the frames and eliminating inconveniences for customers to prevent more expensive corrections at later stages of the development.
Design. Our company follows an analytical approach to creating an attractive, efficient, and highly consistent website. Our attention to essential elements ensures appropriate communication with the audience and increases conversion.
User interface. We will work with significant user interface components such as fonts, buttons, icons, and other visual elements.
Mockups of the user interface will correspond to your business style and our principles of creative and elegant design.


Launching and setting up advertising campaigns
An advertising campaign is the main tool for a company to attract new customers. Most frequently, to enhance the influence on the target audience, the promotions take place on several channels simultaneously. What do you need to run an efficient campaign?
Setting up analytics and analytics goals
Setting up analytics is a powerful tool, frequently underestimated. People leave default settings, rarely analyze data, or spend the majority of their time being focused on actually unimportant indicators. Correctly adjusted analytics helps you make timely and efficient data-based business decisions.


Competitor analysis
Knowledge of your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses enables you to conquer your target audience’s attention using digital technologies.
Setting up advertising in Google Merchant Centre
It is not enough to create advertising to be in the spotlight. Why? It is all about quality. Google likes only high-quality products to appear on its web pages, so they prefer advertisers with commercials of the highest possible quality. Our team sets up this instrument professionally.


Analyzing user behavior
User behavior covers all the activities of users on the website: where and what they click on, how they scroll down the page, where they stumble, and finally leave the page. By monitoring such behavior, you will be able to see from the inside how people interact with your website and what problems they may face.
Development of the strategy and promotion plan
A website promotion strategy is a long-term business plan detailing how to create and develop the company’s presence on the Internet according to its digital and business policies.



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