Animation and drawing

Animation is the basic tool for presenting information in a presentation video.


A story about a product or service through a cartoon is an effective method of attracting partners and consumers. It is also aimed at increasing sales and creating a positive perception of the company by the consumer.


The specialists of our company offer the service of creating a video based on a script compiled in accordance with the idea of ​​the customer.


An animated video is a great way to convey certain information to the viewer in a playful way. Character animation involves a frame-by-frame drawing of each movement.
Such a marketing ploy is ideal for presenting a product or service with a visual demonstration of all sorts of advantages.


Depending on the desire of the client, the process of creating an animated video is divided into the required number of stages, each of which must be approved. Thus, the customer can control the process of creating a video from beginning to end.


The presence of animation in the video commercial makes it bright, interesting, and memorable.

Animation video cost
The price of animation depends on several factors determining the complexity of the process and the terms of creating a video:


1. Script. As a rule, the customer is offered several short options to choose from. After that, a detailed script is compiled, and the storyboard for the future video is made. If the client has a ready-made script, the terms for completing the work will be shorter, and the total cost of the video will be lower.


2. Animation type. The cost of a second of the video depends on the amount of detail and movement in each frame. Accordingly, the production time increases.


3. Timing. The price of the video changes depending on the length of the video. However, as the duration increases, the cost per second decreases.


4. Terms. The budget will increase under tight deadlines.


An animated video with a detailed drawing of all the details is a great opportunity to create an advertising product that will attract the attention of every customer and form a positive opinion about the company and brand.
In addition, with the help of animation, you can attract new partners and retain the existing ones.


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