Selecting and preparing visual content for social networks

Content is filling the information space in your social media accounts. The quality of the content influences how attractive your product or service will be to the customer.


Content is the image of the brand in the mind of the consumer.


In practice, companies that have a serious approach to managing the information flow and take an active part in its forming, achieve success.


Objectives of visual content development


Creating the information space with reliable data, presented in simple and understandable language, achieves the following goals:


· emphasizing the advantages of a particular brand.


· interacting with customers.


· increasing product awareness.


· activating the audience on the service.


· supporting consumers during the release of new products or promotional activities.


Types of content


The appropriate content type is selected depending on the objectives set by the client. The content is divided into the following types:


· Entertainment content. This type is in demand on social networks, as users go there to relax.


· Educational content. Besides teaching and explaining, such content demonstrates the competence of the company in the chosen field of activity.


· News content. This content type provides an opportunity to share everything happening around the brand and the proposed product.


· Communication content. This content is aimed at engaging the audience and communicating with potential buyers.


· Content that sells. A direct appeal to purchase a product or service will work provided that the buyer feels the benefit of the purchase.


· Content dealing with reputation. It is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the company’s achievements, which will prove its professionalism.

The specialists of our company handle such tasks as:


1. Creating a content strategy. It is necessary to clearly understand the segments of the audience and the communication channels suitable for interaction with this audience.


2. Developing a content plan. A particular form of presenting information, its topic, and a posting schedule are determined for each communication channel. A properly developed plan will save time spent on searching for a news topic.


3. Content generation. The focus is on the psychology of the audience in order to attract the attention of more users.


4. Content template. It is needed to further support the agreed design concept.


5. Content publishing. Website content, interaction with third-party platforms, and any activity regarding publishing information.


6. Analytics. It is crucial to understand the users’ reactions to the information provided.


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