Development of guidelines

A guideline means an instruction applied in the company to systematize a brand’s visual expression. 


It is a single document containing elements of the company’s corporate identity, rules of their use, elements of the company logo, and examples of the brand’s visualization – business cards, pens, and working space interior. The number of the company style elements depends on its business sphere and individual customer’s preferences. Please be aware that this document has no marketing block, i.e. the brand relevance and its complete conformity with strategic purposes. 

The guideline’s composition and purpose

The document represents the following company details:


· The logo and ideas behind it.

· Variants of the image used on different backgrounds and in different positions. Usage standards.

· Color solutions according to different codes.

· Brand font in various options.

· Examples of advertising media designs: printed materials, external and online ads, and corporate souvenirs.


This voluminous document represents the information on how to use the brand. It recommends how to apply the company logo, specific shades and fonts, and  how to implement the corporate style into the advertising media. Following these rules will improve brand recognition and attract many consumers. 

Stages of guideline development

The work over the document includes the progressive implementation of the following: 


1. Consultations. Before the project starts, it is necessary to determine the business project’s needs and assign relevant tasks.

2. Logo design. It implies detailed elaboration of several variants to find the one accurately meeting the customer’s requirements.

3. Determination of the color scheme and fonts.

4. Development of the design of corporate identity carriers.

5. Сreation of the guideline containing all the materials developed.


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