Development of package and labeling

Package and label are the main graphic parts of a brand forming a product image.


Correct package and label not only increase sales of a specific product but also is an opportunity to raise its cost. 


On the other hand, these graphic elements are crucial for an advertising campaign as tools to promote the product on the market. 


A product appearance and package design are essential motives to buy. As a rule, a customer does not have enough time to read and compare annotations. A buyer chooses the product subconsciously by its package, opting for the one, which corresponds to his personal image of the product. 


A correctly developed package is: 


1. The package that does not annoy visually. This is the element of advertising that directly reaches the customer, so it is strictly prohibited to ignore its influence on the product appearance. 


2. A part of the brand that preserves the production policy. Developing a package means not only creating a bright style but also making it in line with a specific product promotion strategy and company style.


3. Functionality. The package must make the product stand out, convey its concept, be easy to remember, and become a part of the consumer’s visual thinking. 


Remember that a package is a powerful marketing tool intended to stimulate sales. 



Stages of package design development


While creating an efficient package, which will attract customer’s attention, a professional shall deal with the following stages: 


· Communication with a client to form terms of reference technical. Filling in a brief, creating an estimate, and determining the time frames.


· Approval of the terms of reference and creation of sketches for the whole product range.


· Creation of a mock-up – a trial version required to see the design on a shelf of a shop.


· Adjustment of the concept sketch.


A completely ready package layout goes to a printing house.


Our company’s experts are ready to help you with an optimal colour scheme, dimensions, and configuration of the package, and to choose and distribute decorative elements in line with the brand’s general style. 


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