Painting and calligraphy

In the modern world, writing by hand is virtually disappearing due to the total transition to online.


The appearance of the website should attract the attention of a potential customer forcing him to make a purchase. The specialists of our company are skilled in the art of creating the emotional side of website design.


The main purpose of art is to evoke emotions, which is why many designers use the ideas of the old masters and creators of bygone eras.


Painting in the website design
In the website design, painting is a separate art form, and it can affect the result of the work of the specialist:


· The piece of art can be both the main element in the design of the platform and the decorative detail that attracts the attention of the user.


· The piece of art can become an idea for the design, for example, the shades, plot, and individual details of the composition.


· Correspondence to the style of a certain era, baroque or impressionism.


Calligraphy in website design
Calligraphy is an ancient art form that is widely used in the design of websites. Currently, calligraphy is in demand when creating individual invitations, branding products, and developing original content:


· Event industry. Navigation as well as the design of invitations and envelopes are created by calligraphers who select letters according to the style of the event.


· Advertising. Calligraphy helps to create an individual style of the brand and to develop a logo, a website, a blog, and business cards. A properly selected font will subsequently become popular when applying inscriptions on clothes, tableware, and other products.


· Design of printed products such as book covers, epigraphs, and words of gratitude.


· Art objects created for space design, wall and shop window painting.

A smooth, legible, aesthetically appealing text is an advantage; namely,


1. Excluding mistakes when writing the text.


2. Correct understanding of the written text.


3. The reader does not get annoyed.


4. Mental discipline.


5. Opportunities to create an original greeting card with a unique inscription.


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