Brand Analysis

Brand analysis is a procedure that is relevant in case of company rebranding, creation of a new brand, or change of a promotion strategy.


As a rule, such a service is used by owners of business projects who plan to completely change the company image or start their own production.


Our company will help to cope with any of the above tasks, guaranteeing a high level of services and achievement of objectives within the terms specified in the contract for the provision of services concluded between the parties.

Research procedure

The brand audit process includes several stages:


1. Studying all the features and aspects of the brand.
2. Researching the competitive environment in the specific market segment.
3. Analyzing the recognition level of the company on the market.


Conducting such an analysis is essential for each organization that has already announced its activities to the consumer.


The brand analysis service quite often involves comprehensive marketing research: a detailed study of the market tools, the collection and analysis of data on the company activities, and the study of branding strategies of competitors.


This service involves a detailed study of the corporate structure and measuring the brand perception by the company employees.

The analysis studies several factors which are crucial for the successful work of the company:


1. Level of responsibility and reliability.
2. Rationality of performing certain tasks.
3. Quality of the offered service or products.
4. Available payment methods.
5. Pricing policy.
6. Ease of ordering.


In addition, the reputation of the company, its status in the market, and the activities of the project managers are important as well.


The analysis evaluates the name of the company, its logo, available communication channels, and product packaging. In this respect, a significant role is played by the level of emotional perception of the proposed product by the consumer.


Our team will analyze the brand, which will allow the project manager to receive and study the current state of affairs in the specific segment of the market in due time.


Brand analysis is a unique way to get objective information about the trademarks of rival companies and about the attitude of the consumer to a particular brand.


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