Brand book development

A brand book is a company manager’s document detailing a business project’s values, ideology, and philosophy.


Brand books must have components like:


· Brand building concept.
· Corporate culture.
· Strengths of the company.
· Objectives of the organization.


In effect, the brand book is a collection of all company’s components like its brand, slogan, and logo. The formation of a brand book takes place at the final stage of the brand building process.

Creating a brand book takes place in several stages:


· Brand platform. It is based on corporate values and the results of the briefing. Besides, the competitive analysis investigates the strong and weak sides of competitors. The specific traits of the offered product and the target audience are analyzed. The result of the work represents details of the core brand values, communications emphasis, and company’s market positioning.

· Naming – the creation of the product name and slogan. The name must be bright and capturing, based on the brand platform.

· Design of a logo – an attractive sign the audience will remember.

· Guidelines – guidances developed according to the corporate identity and rules of the brand’s use in different contexts.


All the listed above form a single document determining the specificity of the brand.

Brand ID development

Any company’s business project implies creating and distributing a product. The project consists of many tasks necessary to achieve the main objective. A project ID is a document containing all marketing information required for corporate brand development.


As a rule, such a document contains the following information:


· The description of the company image.
· The brand values.
· The company’s commitments to its customers.
· The brand manager’s characteristics.
· The estimated duration of the use of the brand.
· The list of target market segments.
· The strategy of further brand development.


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