Brand naming

The name of the company is an important component of the formation of the consumer’s attitude to the brand. The properly chosen name fully reflects the nature of the company, is easy to remember for the consumer, and evokes only positive emotions.


Naming, the procedure for creating a brand name, involves working with an actual business project development strategy and complying with legal requirements. The result of the carried out activities is the creation of the brand name, which:


· Is easy to pronounce and remember.
· Conveys a certain meaning.
· Forms a positive attitude of the consumer.
· Doesn’t have a hidden meaning.
· Enables you to stand out among competitors.


Our team offers a brand naming service. During the brand naming process, the advantages for the consumer and the specificity of communication are taken into account. The specialist is completely immersed in the essence of the business project, which provides the following benefits of working with us:


· Identity.
· No templates.
· Efficient decisions.


The main task of the names created by our company is to ensure the popularity of the trademark of a particular organization, to increase the level of trust of the target audience, and to increase the profitability of the business project.

Types of naming

Creating a company name is a key stage in developing a brand. We offer a naming service implemented simultaneously in several directions:


· Creating company and organization names. It is relevant when starting a business, in the case of rebranding and change of business organization form.
· Product naming. The unique name will attract a large flow of consumers and become a source of a large number of positive emotions.
· Store names. Every company requires creating its own brand, whether it is an online store or a shopping center.
· Names of eating establishments. The unique name of a cafe or a restaurant will emphasize the character of the restaurant, as well as remind you of the special atmosphere.


Naming is a procedure that involves performing certain actions:


· Generation of ideas in accordance with the philosophy, values, and objectives of the company. Based on the keys, tags and a draft list of possible options are compiled.
· Elimination of words and phrases that convey a negative meaning and cannot be registered as an independent trademark.
· The final list of name options, each having a detailed description and disclosing the essence of the company’s business. The name which fully meets the personal preferences of the customer and the marketing objectives of the company is chosen.


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