Development and design of POS materials

The development of POS materials design is an important process necessary for growing company sales of services and goods, increasing the average check and customer loyalty.


The development of POS materials involves an integrated approach:
• Attention while setting marketing goals and objectives.
• Accurate budget distribution and setting deadlines.
• Target audience analysis.


When creating the design of POS materials, attention is drawn to the corporate identity of the company and the presence of style-forming elements. They are the base for developing interesting design proposals for the client.


Purpose of POS materials
Depending on where POS materials will be published, the following tasks are set for specialists:
1. Attracting the attention of the client.
2. Stimulating a purchase.
3. Increasing loyalty to the product and the company as a whole.
4. Navigation.
5. Informing.
6. Increasing brand awareness.


Types of POS materials
As a rule, POS materials are used for placement in such areas of outlets as:
• Exterior design.
• Entrance lobby.
• Navigation.
• Shelves with substitute products.
• Allocated zone.
• Checkout.

The most effective type of POS materials is selected for each zone, ranging from a wobbler to a stand.


For the production of POS materials, as a rule, paper, cardboard, plastic, wood, or even metal are used. The choice of material directly depends on what the final product of the promotional activity will be and for what tasks it will be used for. The cost of developing and designing POS materials and the terms of their implementation also differ: creating a poster design and printing the required circulation will take relatively less time than developing and visualizing a store concept area.


The specialists of our company will get acquainted with the terms of reference, calculate the cost of services, and estimate the time for the tasks. In addition, the client can always consult with the manager of the company and jointly draw up a plan for further action. 
This will require:


• Call the specified phone number.


• Send a request by email.


• Fill out the feedback form on the company website.


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