Designed can be called a silent ambassador of your brand.

Nowadays there is a powerful brand behind every successful business.
A company must be unique and familiar to the client to distinct from the competitors. If you believe that only marketing specialists carry out the main work on branding then you are mistaken. Professional designers are those who play a significant role in the visualization of the brand.

Brand is a unique design and symbols that are used to create an image and to identify the product that is different from the competitors. In other words, a brand is an impression that people develop about the company. A unique brand identity is based on consumers’ trust and the quality of the product.
If you own a brand and you require a lot of advertising booklets and other materials or website design, you are welcome to place an order with Superheroes.

Why does our web design studio differs from the competitors? Our designers work not only on the aesthetic side of your brand but also study all business purposes of your project. Our specialists need to understand the nature of the product that the customer wants to introduce to the clients, and only then they work on the visual part. If there is no such understanding then the result is the same as drawing a portrait from a photo. Its possible to make a true copy but it will have no life in it. The same is true with branding. If a designer does not have a good idea about the uniqueness of a company’s business, then the developed web design cannot represent and identify the brand.

After setting up the goals and identifying the uniqueness of the company the designers move to the stage of studying the market and potential competitors. This stage is necessary for all types of designers’ work as it helps to immerse themselves in product/service brand ambience and find the key ideas for achieving success. It is impossible to rely only on aesthetic factors such as style and talented design to be successful.

Importance of design in a visual brand identity

A brand’s visual identity is its presentation and connection with an audience. To implement visualization we use visual graphic design elements to create a special brand style and image. Identity can tell a story about the company, its experience, and its emotions.

Brand visualization is a very complicated process that requires a broad spectrum of knowledge. The designer deals with various information carriers such as packaging, advertising materials, or informative materials. Every step of brand identity development can involve dozens or hundreds of designer tasks.

The Superheroes team has created its own unique approach to sorting out branding tasks of any complexity. We take into account specific services or products, market trends, and the demands of a target audience. Our agency aims to understand modern consumers on the market for goods and services. That later allows us to analyze competitors and identify customers’ products on the market.

We offer the following services:

  • Graphic design;
  • UI-UX design;
  • Web site design using customers special style;
  • Webpage slicing and programming.


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