Superheroes wins Red Dot Design Award

International marketing agency Superheroes receives prestigious Red Dot Design Award for Merman’s brand identity

The Red Dot Design Award is the “Oscar” in design which Superheroes received “with the first shot” because in the 14 years of the agency’s existence for the first time they applied to Red Dot and immediately won an award in the Brands & Communication Design 2022 category.

For Superheroes this is a very important difference both in terms of assessing the professionalism of the team, and as pleasant memories of a calm 2021 when we fought marketing wars, not real ones.

The Merman’s brand is one of our many entries over the past year, but it takes its rightful place among our agency’s superbrands.

The development of the Merman’s brand for the largest Ukrainian shrimp farm in Europe lasted almost 6 months. And it was worth the effort!

Ukrainians did not have the opportunity to eat fresh shrimp иefore the advent of the Merman’s brand. Shrimp travels to Ukraine from far abroad, and it is simply impossible to deliver that cargo fresh. But in 2021, in the village of Progresovka, Mykolaiv region, the largest in Europe and the only one in Ukraine shrimp aqua farm was created and was breeded the Penaeus Vannamei shrimp – the most popular species in the world known as the King Prawn. Freshness and naturalness have become the foundation of the brand identity.

The “King prawn” has become the key brand symbol which organically complements the brand’s font inscription. It plays the role of an apostrophe in the main logo and is involved in the stylization of the letter “M”.

The dark blue colors of the brand evoke the feeling of deep sea spaces as the natural environment of Penaeus Vannamei which is home to well-recognized creatures.

The main elements of the identity are illustrations of marine underwater flora and fauna. The illustrations are made in a minimalist style and repeat the principles of the logo’s style with the shrimp as an apostrophe. Net as the main fishing tool is also among the important graphic elements and is used in combination with the main elements of the identity or as a background.

The designers of Superheroes are like snipers with a laser rifle and hitting Red Dot.

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