Ukrainian IT companies are known all over the world, and no one doubts the professionalism of our programmers, but for a quality product it needs marketing to be truly successful. One of our last IT clients was Revisior, a service for collecting and processing customer feedback, improving business and building clear analytics. In Ukraine, they already cooperate with such well-known Ukrainian and international brands as “Nova Poshta”, “Luxoptica”, “Epicenter”, “Pandora” and many others and plan to conquer new markets. Our task is to rebrand the company in connection with entering the European market.

Logo redesign

First of all, we started with the logo. Previously, the company was called Revizion and they did not want to radically change the recognizable name on the computer, but it was necessary to move away from the symbols of Russian propaganda. This is what we recommend to all our clients.

The logo consists of four elements at once, symbolizing the essence of the Revisior company: a point (place, location), a check mark as an image of achieving the final goal, a completed task and getting a result, a search magnifying glass and a heart sign – love for your work and customers. The combination of these symbols gives us the image of an inspector-bird that collects feedback and analyzes it. The check mark looks up and is a symbol of the growth and development of the company.


One of the main tasks was to redesign the presentations, since the old slide design was overloaded, it was difficult to read the information. We started by developing modular grids for slides, systematizing and making information clear with a clear hierarchy of headings, simple but informative infographics.


The change of identity could not but affect a website as a face of every IT company. We were able to create a modern, informative and, most importantly, intuitive website design for each user taking into account the latest trends and wishes of the client.


The result of our work is a built design system and a redesign with a memorable image of a bird (check mark). The check mark as a symbol of collecting feedback has become the basis of QR codes and will make them recognizable to the whole world.


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