ICF Tereshchenko

ICF Tereshchenko

This case for Superheroes.marketing is a non-standard, very special and valuable.


On August 31, we received a message from Simonas, Lithuania. It turned out later that it was Simonas Hribauskas, a famous maxillofacial surgeon and philanthropist helping Ukrainian defenders with rehabilitation since 2014. 


In collaboration with his colleagues, Simonas started a charity foundation named after Oleksandr Tereshchenko, – “сyborg” and one of the soldiers of the 79th Air Assault Brigade that in 2014 defended Donetsk airport in Ukraine.


We got acquainted (sight-unseen) in a few days to discuss the work plan. Simonas’ approach to this project appealed to our whole team since, being sincere in his desire to help Ukraine, he started to help Oleksandr with his own finance as a part of the Foundation’s activity. 


The goal of the Superheroes’ team is to perfect the Foundation’s ideas and mission and describe its spheres of work, logo, corporate style, brand book, and website creation. The website is the key channel for sharing information and fundraising. We have also designed and tested the tools to promote the Foundation on the web, worked out a technical task for a photo session, wrote all the necessary copywriting materials in two languages, filled the website, and configured it to be fit for being promoted.

Here you can see what exactly came out as a result!


To figure out the nature of the Foundation and the fire burning in its founders’ hearts, one should get to know Oleksandrcloser. There is hardly anyone who can tell this story better than Oleksandr himself:

We also want you to meet the  Board of Directors at Oleksandr Tereshchenko Foundation. Without them, the project would be impossible to make: 

Oleksandr Tereshchenko

Former serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, defender of Donetsk airport, People’s Hero of Ukraine, and former deputy minister of veteran affairs of Ukraine.

Simonas Grybauskas

Famous Lithuanian maxillofacial surgeon and philanthropist who’s been supporting the rehabilitation of the injured defenders of Ukraine since 2014.

Aurimas Navis

Has a 17-year-long experience of service in the Lithuanian Armed Forces. The founder of the Lithuanian special operations’ first doctrine is an information, energy, and financial security expert.


The work at the project started with the analytics that helped us understand better what expectations potential sponsors at charity foundations have, as well as the values crucial for carrying at every step of working at the project. 


Having a firm foundation in the form of research and statistics, we proceeded to create the project designs under the leadership of Veronika Novikova and under the supervision of the agency’s art director Anna Krush. 


When developing the corporate style, it was crucial for the team to reflect the nature of the Foundation and the character of Oleksandr in detail and make it seen in the elements of brand identity. Considering that the brand carries the name of the People’s Hero of Ukraine, our priority has been to design a logo that would reveal the sphere of the Foundation’s activity at first glance and would be personalized – associated with Oleksandr Tereshchenko himself.


Letter T

Torch as a symbol of freedom and resistance

That is how we made the full Foundation name and the descriptor that accurately defined the key goal of the Foundation work – helping defenders of Ukraine.  We have been searching for a powerful symbol: a symbol of fighting, resisting, and freedom. That is how the torch appeared in the logo.

Nika has put the initial letters of the name ‘Oleksandr Tereshchenko’. Our freedom gained its own symbol, and our Foundation got its logo.

Our choice of the key corporate colors was: 

• Khaki: the color familiar to every military person

• Bright orange: the Foundation’s accent color

• Black and white colors.


In the general composition, these colors blend and mix well: they complement each other and, what is most vital, bring the necessary highlights into the idea present in the logo.

In the work process, we have created a specific corporate pattern around the letter ‘T’ from the logo. It was continued with the visual identity element – the symbol of flame that adds some dynamics and energizes all the Foundation visual materials.




While working on the project, our team, including Oleksandr, decided on the two most significant directions of the Foundation activity: 

• Targeted military assistance to defenders of Ukraine as long as hostilities on the Ukrainian territory continue

• Post-rehabilitation assistance to Ukrainian defenders who were injured in the hostilities.


These two directions of our work got the symbolic names ‘Iron Hawk’ and ‘Iron Hook’ that coincide with the names of the projects carried out by the Foundation.  


To see more details on the work of the Foundation, its reports and accomplishments right now, use the official website: https://otereshchenko.com/

Even though the cooperation based on the contract with Superheroes.marketing is over, we don’t cease to help Oleksandr, Simonas, and Aurimas until Ukraine gets its complete and irrevocable victory. 


What waits for us next is a long and difficult way of restoring our country, and we hope our partners will be there for us. 

If you spent time getting acquainted with this case and watching the interview with Oleksandr, you can’t stay indifferent.

Please, go to the website and make your contribution – that is what this great work has been done for. 



If you want to find out more about Oleksandr Tereshchenko and his work, we have a short video for you to watch:

The Superheroes.marketing team expresses gratitude to Oleksandr, Simonas, and Aurimas for their trust and the complicated work that they are performing daily to help Ukraine.


Anatolii Kompanichenko – concept, strategy, and project management

Iryna Purina – project management

Veronika (Nika) Novikova – graphic design

Anna Krush – art direction

Vladyslava Bitsura – web design

Oleh Dobrokhodskyi – website development and programming

Svitlana Melnyk – social media work

Alona Dryhailovska – digital strategy and targeting

Mykyta Diulin – analytics and strategic planning


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