Searching for new niches in the market, creating a product that has no analogues, or forming a new business segment is always a challenge!

And we at Superheroes love challenges and tasks that require non-standard solutions. Especially if we are talking about a project

designed to create a place where everyone can find their business partner and be sure of their honesty.

The goods and transport platform MOOW became such a project. And the Superheroes got to work!

About the project


The MOOW Commodity Transport Platform was created to bring together those who manufacture the product, those who sell it, those who buy it, and those who organize delivery and storage in one place. There, you can also find the necessary equipment or rent out your facilities. Until the launch of the project, there had not yet been a successfully implemented project of this type.

Among the tasks of the project in the short term was to involve all participants in the commodity and transport markets of the project. And for the future — to enter the international market.

The challenge facing the Agency


The customer turned to us with a request for the formation of a brand on a turnkey basis — from the name and positioning,

to the formation of branding and corporate identity of the company. And we are very proud of the result!

The name of the project – MOOW


At first glance, it may seem that the title contains a mistake. But it’s not!

For the name of the platform, a non-existent word was deliberately chosen with an interesting syntax that attracts attention. MOOW — consonant with the English term “move” (in translation: movement, move).

This similarity, first of all, reflects the essence of the platform that serves the commodity and transport flows and is kind of the heart of this process.

At the same time, the original name emphasizes the uniqueness of the project and, in the future, will greatly simplify the work on the digital promotion of the project and the formation of recognition among the potential customers of the Customer.



Reliability and trust remain fundamental selection criteria in the search for new Partners in any business segment. These criteria formed the basis of the MOOW platform. In the process of working on the brand, its features, values, and principles of work were formed into a single message:

MOOW — Place of reliable people.

Brand Style


We supplemented the base of the logo (platform name) with a brand symbol, a stylized star inscribed in one of the letters O. The star in MOOW has become a symbol of several directions at once. First, it symbolizes the reliability of the company. And secondly, the star has become a symbol of the company’s sphere of work because its shape resembles a “Wind Rose”.

MOOW — Place of reliable people.

Pattern and brand element


The brand symbol, the star, has become a key element of corporate identity. Its form and counterform are actively used in key visual elements of the company across various media.

You can see the result of the combination of logo, brand symbol, color scheme, and variations of their use below.

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