Have you ever wondered what a thorny path an ordinary shrimp overcomes before getting on the Ukrainian table?

And in general, how can it come to us from abroad? If it is transported fresh, it will simply spoil…

Before we met Merman’s, we thought it was impossible. And it turns out everything is possible! To understand the brand and the work of the marine food industry in general, Superheroes.ua have plunged into the Pacific underwater world.

And as a result, they created a real sea extravaganza – a new corporate identity for the largest Pacific shrimp farm Merman’s.

But first things first

About the company


MERMAN’S is the largest Pacific shrimp farm Penaeus Vannamei in Europe, which opens a new page of Ukraine’s innovations in the field of seafood.

The location of the Tiligul estuary (Odessa and Mykolaiv regions) was chosen for the location of the farm. The water in the estuary is almost identical in biochemical composition to the marine water of the Pacific Ocean, where Penaeus Vannamei lives in natural conditions.

One step before the start of work


Our Customer, Merman’s brand, is the only Pacific white-legged shrimp farm in Ukraine that works to develop a culture of fresh fish and seafood consumption in Ukraine. And it was important for us to take this into account when working on the brand. After all, the visual components must combine the key values ​of the brand: leadership, technology, environmental friendliness and a crazy love for shrimp and the whole marine world

Everything will be by sea


We couldn’t imagine the Merman’s logo without the shrimp. Therefore, it organically complemented the font of the brand

and became our key brand symbol. In the main logo, the shrimp acts as an apostrophe and participates

in the stylization of the letter M (its adaptation repeats the shape of the shrimp tail).

And on media where the main version of the logo can not be used – shrimp can be used as an alternative

(for example, in the favicon of the site).

Color range


The color palette plays an important role in brand perception. At Merman’s, everything should be nautical and colors are no exception. Therefore, the main color scheme of the brand consists of three colors – two shades of blue (dark and light blue) and beige, which emphasizes the marine theme, characterizing the sea waters and clean estuary coast.

To enrich the design possibilities, we have added additional colors to the corporate style – alternative shades of navy blue, light blue and beige.

Elements of visual identity


The main elements of the identity are illustrations on marine themes. Here are representatives of underwater flora and fauna,

made in the style of the main brand element, and graphic elements that mimic fishing nets, sea waves and more.

Brand images


We consider the brand image to be a key tool that helps to enhance the recognizability of corporate identity, reflecting all the benefits of the brand. That is why we always pay special attention to it. Detailed recommendations on the approach to the formation of brand images, we described in the brand book of the project.

Mermans’s brandbook

And if you want your brand to have its own brand book designed by Superheroes.ua, fill out the brief and wait for our call 😉


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