Kyiv Bees

Kyiv Bees

The volunteer organization “Kyiv Bees” was established on the first day of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The purpose of the Organization was to help and provide the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Territorial Defence in Kyiv

and the region with everything necessary. Currently, they support medical institutions, vulnerable citizens,

and refugees from different parts of Ukraine.

Daily, volunteers feed more than 7,000 people and provide medicine for those who have to deal with diabetes and thyroid disease.

“Kyiv Bees” helps mothers with small children and deliver humanitarian aid to all who need it. The Organization provides restaurants

and kitchens with food and helps deliver ready-made food to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Territorial Defence, police, and doctors.

Every day, coordinators get more than 300 applications for help from civilians.

In turn, the processing and implementation of requests can take up to 1 day.

The “Kyiv Bees” team are courageous, sensitive, and brave people with big hearts, who are constantly working

to help the thousands of people in Kyiv and the region live and believe in our victory!


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