Cryptocurrency is a difficult thing to understand! How does it work? How to trade it? These issues are still the main barriers for users around the world.

The marketing strategy for KUNA from our Superheroes team was aimed at removing these two barriers. Therefore, when developing a business strategy,

new identity, and marketing strategy, we focused entirely on simplicity: simplicity of visual design, simplicity of communication messages, and ease of use of the product.

Simple logo


Everything superfluous was discarded from the logo, leaving only a short name in black and white. No lines or shapes, just four letters.

Simple 3D graphics


In order to differentiate KUNA from competitors and other financial institutions, we decided to use 3D graphics in a simple and

somewhat childish style – this created the feeling that KUNA service is understandable even to a child, and on the other hand, we managed to eliminate all ambiguities.

Advertising images became clear at first sight.

Simple messages


The cryptocurrency from KUNA is so simple that anyone can trade it, from beginner to pro, from young to old. And it’s true, the functionality and interface of KUNA

are so simple that not only the grandmother, but even her dog will understand everything. Three clicks to buy or sell a cryptocurrency, three seconds to top up or withdraw a deposit.

Brand Message: Cryptocurrencies are simple.

Product Message: Trade cryptocurrencies in three clicks.

Most advertising headlines have become rhyming to make it easier for the audience to perceive brand messages.

Simple animation


Based on the 3D graphic style of the new identity, we have created a series of animated plots, with a minimum of effects and simple, smooth dynamics.

Simply about the results


Outdoor advertising, advertising in the subway, and advertising on LED screens reached more than 22,470,000 people from June 2021 to February 2022.

Results of digital advertising for the period from April 2021 to February 2022:

• 40 million impressions

• 783,000 clicks

• 71,000 installs



In 2020, the Ukrainian rock band BEZ OBMEZHEN (WITHOUT LIMITS) began its all-Ukrainian music tour in support of the new album Vilni Lyudy (Free People).

We immediately invited KUNA to join the tour as a partner, as the idea of ​​the tour was perfectly combined with the idea of ​​cryptocurrencies – to make people free.

To support and uncover the collaboration, we developed a new advertising campaign “Cryptocurrencies WITHOUT LIMITS” and launched it for the first time in the history of the Ukrainian show business music crypto tour, during which all fans of the rock band had the opportunity to buy merch and tickets for cryptocurrency.

imple non-standards


In search of new effective channels of communication, we resorted to non-standard solutions and placed a series of funny and provocative posters

in the WC of the WOG gas station network. It caused a great resonance in the advertising world and among ordinary consumers.

imple learning


To really make ​​cryptocurrencies simple, we also developed a curriculum and launched the KUNA Education project on YouTube where the KUNA team

simply explained how the ​​cryptocurrency works and how to trade it.

Not easy times


Together with the Ministry of Digital Policy of Ukraine, KUNA created a charitable crypto fund.

With it, anyone from anywhere in the world could help by ​​cryptocurrencies to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Thanks to the joint information campaign of KUNA and Superheroes, we were able to raise $51 million in just the first week. The money was used to buy:

• 5550 bulletproof vests and 500 bulletproof vest plates;

• 3125 thermal imaging and night optics units;

• 3427 medical kits;

• 410,000 food packs;

• 500 helmets;

• 60 radio sets.

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes!


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