1 month of work

1 month of work

Hello, we are Superheroes from Ukraine! And we sum up our results for the first month of the war.

We were scattered all over the planet. Of the 26 team members, only 5 remain in Kyiv.

And yet we remain a super team, despite all these distances.

During this month, we managed to do a great job. We have:


Created 3 patriotic videos to the song by the band BEZ OBMEZHEN (WITHOUT LIMITS) and rebranded their logo.



Conducted 2 advertising campaigns for the KUNA crypto platform.

Together with the cryptocurrency exchange KUNA in 10 days, we raised more than $55 million

to support the Armed Forces. For those who want to help the crypt of the Armed Forces, KUNA




Opened our representative office in the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Started negotiations with the State Oil Company of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Socar,

regarding possible cooperation.

Superheroes also supported the following charitable initiatives:

Save Business in UA

Created B2B2C platform — Save Business in UA (https://savebusiness.in.ua/) to find contractors and freelancers from around the world, which we have implemented since the beginning of the war in Ukraine and sent more than 100 personal letters to international companies in support of Ukrainian business.

International Charitable Health of the Ukrainian people”


We are also currently providing assistance to one of the 4 accredited Funds of the Ministry of Health – “Health of the Ukrainian people”

(https://www.houp.org), which aims to raise funds to support health workers and their families, as well as health care facilities.

And at the same time, each superhero still managed to wage information and cyber warfare:

    DDoSed with 300-500 million requests per day and demotivated russians in a number of russian TG-publics.

Posted and reposted information on social networks and fought in the comments.

Comments and photos from the war were added to Google Maps of the enemy country for each institution.


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