Brand DNA. From an idea to a clear implementation plan.

Recently, Anatoly Kompanichenko, the partner and COO of our agency, who is currently located in the Slovakian office of Superheroes, was approached by an international business club with the offer to perform for a Ukrainian audience that emigrated from Ukraine in search of new opportunities. We chose “Brand DNA. From an idea to an implementation plan” as the theme of the speech.

It is not Anatoly’s first performance. He was one of the authors and teachers of the course on digital marketing for the Israeli Academy [DAN:IT], and in the fall he spoke at the “Be Wine Show” and the international event “Barometr”. Therefore, we focused not only on storytelling when creating the report, but also on how to combine our knowledge into a simple information product that would be useful for the widest possible audience. We have also made our information available by digitizing the presentation and all materials, which are now on our YouTube channel.

This lecture included Anatoly’s presentation and comments. Using the example of one of our latest cases for KYIV MICE HUB we consider what a brand book is, what are the stages and features of its creation, what should you do if you decide to conquer the market with a new product or service. The lecture is easy and useful for both beginners and advanced experts.

We recommend checking whether you have taken everything into account and are moving in the right direction if you decide to create or already have a brand.

Leave your comments to the video with questions and wishes for future releases. Enjoy by watching and cool insights.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8CBWBMd7bX0

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